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Grassland holidays is Superbly situated in the heart of The City. The building has been stunningly restored into a luxury place to live, while preserving the heritage values. A place where people used to come together to enjoy their life. You will feel the uniqueness moment you step in to our Hotel. We wish to share with you our life, our culture, our home. You are our Royal Guest! The Hotel is designed with love and style. Each and every detail is just perfect. Amongst these are traditional heritage with all modern facilities. Grassland holidays offers you the ideal setting for a private holiday in the comforts of a colonial home.

  • Breakfast
  • Room service
  • Cool Bar
  • Wi-fi service
  • Trekking
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Parking
  • TV LCD
  • 24 hrs taxi service
  • Campfire


Here we are providing the Luxury Accommodation. Open the door of your room and be impressed; step inside and be enveloped by the calm, sophistication and quality of your space. A furnished home-like apartment is a good temporary alternative for the duration of a business trip, holiday.

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Through an online reservation system we provide an instant room confirmation service to our website’s visitors. With an online reservation systems, we simply short-cut the process and making it simpler for our website visitors to make a decision to buy our resort rooms from our own website.

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“The earth has music for those who listen” get ready to listen the music of nature with Wayanad’s Lovely atmosphere. amidst the simple beauty of nature. When you explore a new place, you want to see interesting things and get to know its people. Whenever you delve into something.

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As per the order food will be arranged so that customers can enjoy a luxurious food. The ultimate luxury experience must surely start with an utterly delicious food. Dining at Grassland holidays is more than just a meal, it is an unforgettable experience imbued with lasting status.

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